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Investor Relations/Public Relations for Small and Micro Cap Companies

Traditional Investor Relations and Public Relations services have failed due to changes in communications, changes in technology and as much as anything, changes in the the investors themselves. IR3Point0 was founded to fill a need in the small, publicly traded company arena for investor relations and public relations efforts that actually work in 2016 and beyond.

Our methodology works because it is based on research we have conducted over the last 5 years. The results of this research clearly indicates that the old methodology of crafting and blasting a message at the investment community is no longer effective.

We opt to concentrate on building the brand and the perception of our client companies and providing resources for small and micro cap companies to help themselves to build organic liquidity in their company’s stock.

Take advantage our our 5 years of research! We will provide you with a FREE report for your Company which will help you to help yourself to gain organic liquidity. => Find out more

We use marketing techniques we have adapted for small, publicly traded companies to effectively build the client’s footprint across the Internet.

We focus on LEVERAGING Information and Marketing to drive targeted traffic to the Company’s Website, Investor Page and Other Online Assets. We use INBOUND MARKETING methodology which is now the dominant form of marketing.

After all, any company that has organic liquidity has:

  • Clean, well ordered and OPTIMIZED website
  • Outstanding Investor Page which clearly conveys a COMPELLING REASON TO INVEST in that Company
  • OPTIMIZED News Releases
  • Strong Social Media Presence which is interactive
  • A Large Footprint across the Internet

Through our resources and services, we help companies achieve their objectives with regard to liquidity in their stock so that they may grow their company and become profitable and successful.

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