IR3Point0 CEO Marc Steiner Named Franchising FAN of the Year

Franchise Action Network

The International Franchise Association has presented Marc Steiner, CEO of IR3Point0 and a FranNet franchisee from Virginia with the third annual Franchise Action Network (FAN) of the Year Award during IFA’s 2017 Annual Convention in Las Vegas. IFA’s FAN award is given to an individual who works to  protect, promote and enhance the franchise industry through IFA’s grassroots advocacy program the Franchise Action Network. Marc is an advocate for small business growth in both the franchising and microcap sectors.

“The growing success of the Franchise Action Network hinges on the support and commitment of leaders like Marc Steiner, who day-in and day-out serve as ambassadors between small business and government, to help tell the positive story of franchising in their communities,” said IFA President & CEO Robert Cresanti, CFE. “IFA is very grateful for Marc’s leadership and initiative as we continue to face both challenges and opportunities on the federal, state and municipal levels. A strong and active grassroots network of locally-owned franchisee businesses is critical in our efforts to protect the franchise model.”

Steiner was a resolute champion for the FAN in 2016. In August, Marc helped IFA bring the new @OurFranchise campaign to Hampton Roads. @OurFranchise seeks to tell the story of local franchise owners, their brands, employees and the positive impact the franchise business model has on our economy and communities. With this in mind, Marc orchestrated a local franchise roundtable with nearly 50 attendees, as well as meetings with Old Dominion University, and the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce to jump-start a new conversation about transitioning military veterans into small business entrepreneurship through franchising. “As a veteran himself, Marc epitomizes the skills and acumen our nation’s finest bring to franchising each day,” said Cresanti.


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