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micro cap investor relations

We have a variety of services to help companies achieve greatly improved stock volume and long lasting and organic (retail) liquidity in the marketplace.

The only kind of liquidity that really does your Company any good, is liquidity to occurs every day from now on. Liquidity enables your Company to raise money in the marketplace. Liquidity enables your Company to get better funding deals. LIQUIDITY enables you to GROW your Company, its revenues, get profitable and get off the micro caps and onto a senior exchange.

Our Programs are conducted on the client side only. We focus on YOUR COMPANY and use your assets. We essentially help you to help yourselves to gain liquidity in the marketplace and increase sales of your products and services.

investor relations presentation


Sign up for a no-obligation FREE PRESENTATION which is tailored to your Company. The presentation is done through Go-To-Meeting and is an interactive environment whereby you can ask questions of us.

The presentation lasts approximately 20-25 minutes but typically runs 45 minutes to an hour because of questions and additional explanations.

This presentation will make more sense than anything you have seen and heard with regard to investor relations or public relations in a long time!

Use the form below to set up a Presentation for your Company. We will work with you to establish a date and time for the presentation.

Note: Because these presentations are tailored to Your Company, it will take a few days to assemble

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Website Design

investor web siteYour Company’s Website is the Cornerstone of improved stock volume and liquidity. We are going to work with you to modify or replace your Company’s website to make it attractive to prospective INVESTORS, customers and clients. Our program with regard to your Company’s website is very comprehensive…

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Content Marketing

content marketingWe will help you to market Your Company to the investment community using a COMPELLING REASON to Invest in Your Company. This includes use of content marketing methods using curated content, content generated by us on Your behalf (with your input, of course!)

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Social Media Marketing

social media marketingThink of Social Media Platforms as another outpost for your Company to attract and interact with prospective investors as well as potential clients and customers. We will help you optimize and operate these platforms in a way that will build engagement and excitement about your Company.

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News Release Optimization

news release optimizationThe reason companies disseminate news releases are to get exposure for their Company, their products and services but for the most part, for micro cap companies, you want more investors!

We use best practices for writing news releases; we have written well over a thousand news releases for publicly traded companies over the last few years. There are techniques with writing news releases that are extremely important. When these techniques are followed consistently, you will get more readers of your news release, more website visitors
and more prospective shareholders will know about your Company and visit your website.

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