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social media marketing

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Think of Social Media Platforms as another outpost for your Company to attract and interact with prospective investors as well as potential clients/customers. We will help you optimize and operate these platforms in a way that will build engagement and excitement about your Company. There has been a certain amount of resistance with public companies to create and maintain a presence on social media platforms but, that is beginning to change.

Social Media Platforms are best used as a conversational tool and a way to share information. Many companies make the mistake of only posting their news releases or plugs for their company. However, best use is through building engagement with prospective investors, clients/customers. Prospective investors are a lot more apt to ask questions or post comments on a social media platform than they are on your website.

Additionally, Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have a number of tools in place whereby you can conduct targeted advertising; to your choice demographics, age groups, and geographic areas. These platforms can also be used to promote your website and specific pages on your website, such as your Investors Page.

Our program includes setting up or renovating your Facebook and Twitter pages and setting up a LinkedIn Company page. We will curate industry specific content for you and help you communicate with investors, prospective investors as well as potential clients/customers.


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