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We specialize in micro and small cap company website design which is effective, visually stimulating and mobile responsive.

Your Company’s Website is the Cornerstone of improved stock volume and liquidity. We are going to work with you to modify or replace your Company’s website to make it attractive to prospective INVESTORS, customers and clients. Our program with regard to your Company’s website is very comprehensive…

1. Our strategy with regard to your website is to make it “findable” to those who are looking to invest in small companies. Then, once found, give them the COMPELLING REASON TO INVEST in Your Company. We run hundreds of metrics and measurements through our platform to essentially come up with a plan of modifying or replacing your website with a site that will attract prospective investors and give them a compelling reason to invest in your Company.

2. We will optimize your site with regard to page titles, the length of those titles, page descriptions and meta data. We will develop a keyword and search term strategy on your site that will enable prospective investors to find your Company on the Internet. Remember, your website may be pretty to look at but, if the code under the website is deficient, no one is going to “find” it.

3. We will also ensure your site is RESPONSIVE. Late in 2013, the number of MOBILE devices (phones, tablets etc) exceeded the number of desktop devices. It is very important in 2015 and beyond to have your site on a responsive platform so that prospective investors (as well as potential clients and customers) will be able to not only find your site but view it and navigate it easily on small, mobile devices.

4. We will develop an outstanding INVESTOR page for you. Many micro cap companies just have an OTCMarkets feed for an Investor Page. If a prospective investor lands on this page, there is certainly, in nearly all cases, no compelling reason to invest in your Company. Not only are these 3rd party feeds unattractive and useless to prospective investors, but they are not RESPONSIVE. If you try to view these feeds on an iPhone for example, you cannot navigate it. Your new Investor Page will give prospective investors a compelling reason to invest in your Company and they will be able to navigate and view it on small, mobile devices.

5. We will set up calls to action (CTA) on your homepage. This will ensure the traffic gets routed to your outstanding Investor Page. If you sell products or services through your site, we will set up CTAs for those too. Another CTA we will put on your Homepage and Investor Page is a double opt-in email signup form. Being able to transmit your news release and other developments directly to your investors in a timely manner is a very important part of the communication between your investors and your Company. With some companies, we have set up email signup forms for both the investor side and consumer/client side for product/service updates.

6. Content – It is important to create and market content about your Company. Think about content (articles, video, company presentation) like being on a fishing trip; having more lines in the water will increase your chances of landing more fish. With regard to your Company, more content and marketing of that content will result in more prospective investors finding out about your Company.

7. Security: According to an article on Forbes website, Sophos Labs, an IT Security Technology Company, 30,000 websites are hacked a day on the Internet. Contrary to popular belief, its not just large companies that are targets of hackers, its small companies too. Small companies do not have the budget to hire enterprise IT solutions companies. Small company websites are easy targets for hackers. Hackers have automated software that scans the Internet for vulnerable sites. When your site is locked down from hackers, they will look elsewhere for an easier target, and, there are plenty of them.

How hackers hack your website – Not so long ago, most viruses and other malicious code was distributed primarily by email. However, due to the quality and popularity of antivirus software, which is free in many cases, it became much more difficult for hackers to distribute their code to unwitting participants. Hackers are now breaking into company websites and installing scripts and other code on your site. This code then redirects visitors away from your site to one of their many sites which then infect those individuals computers with code that steals passwords, usernames and other sensitive information. We have seen cases where corporate websites had a redirect installed on them by hackers. One site had a redirect to a company in China. There was nothing that could be done so, the site had to be deleted altogether and rebuilt from scratch.

8. Backup: Most micro cap companies have no scheduled backups done on their site. So, if their site is hacked, the only recourse in many cases, is to completely delete the site from the domain control panel and rebuild it from scratch. This can be an expensive process; several thousand dollars in some cases. If your Company is a client of ours, your site will be backed up after every update to the site. If the unthinkable happens, we can have you back up and running within 20 minutes.

Obviously, there is a lot more to your Company’s website and the items detailed above. But, the website is the cornerstone of our program. If you have any questions about our website services, please contact us using the form below.

9. Price: We have heard the horror stories of companies paying 5, 10 or even 20 THOUSAND dollars for a website. We can redesign or replace most public company website for $1500-3000.

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