Digital media has leveled the playing field for small businesses

Original Article from Inc. by The Hartford View

5 Tips for Powerful PR in the Digital Age

Digital media has leveled the playing field for small businesses and made it easier than ever to drive measurable results with PR. But you have to understand how the game is played.

Social Media and Internet marketing has indeed leveled the playing field for small businesses including micro cap companies. We need to understand and use the tools in the right way to see the best results though!


Tip 1: Get noticed in Google searches.

Before you begin any communications efforts, make sure you understand your target customer. Create a customer profile by documenting your audience’s key traits, preferences, and behaviors. This document should also include keywords–the words and phrases that define your business and offering.

This has become very important; remember, investors are searching for their next investment!

Tip 2: Tell a good story; just tell it faster.

“Everyone skims in the digital age,” says Jon Minners, senior marketing manager at and former editor for the Bronx Times Reporter. “The digital age allows small businesses to make an impact with pointed messaging in the form of eye-catching videos or intriguing infographics.”

Remember, you only have a few seconds to engage with an investor before they leave, go elsewhere to never return!

Tip 3: Identify and leverage relevant influencers.

Sometimes a more efficient way to reach your audience is to partner with people they already trust (influencers), and have them help share your message. This is called influencer marketing.

This is often overlooked by many small companies and almost always overlooked by small, publicly traded companies.

This is a great article. I encourage you to read the entire article at Inc.



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