Solving the Liquidity Problem

Imagine being able to looking into the minds and thoughts of micro-cap investors…

Over 5 years we surveyed 407 investors and were able to obtain their insights. In this ebook, we discuss what we found out and what YOUR COMPANY can do to appeal to investors in 2016 and beyond.

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Investor Intelligence – How to Solve the Liquidity Problem for Micro Cap Companies

I have conducted 5 years of research with small and micro-cap investors. I collected information from the investors through questions designed to expose the thought processes they use to select small company stocks for investment.

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Through the survey and interviews, a clear picture of the contemporary investor emerged. I have been able to determine how the investor goes about their process of finding their investments. Furthermore, I have been able to determine what the contemporary investor likes and does not like when evaluating a micro-cap company for investment purposes.

Once all of my research was completed and analyzed, the results were both surprising but in a way, not surprising.

While to most, the landscape for small company stocks is bleak, there are companies that have liquidity and are successfully operating and growing in this environment. What separates that handful of companies that have liquidity from the thousands who do not?

The Liquidity Solution: By using the data I have compiled, company management teams can begin to understand who the investors are and what appeals to them. Using contemporary technology and tools, many of which are free, companies can improve their perception within the investment community and gain organic (real) and long-term liquidity.

Summary of Contents

The Problem and the Solution

The Reality of 2016 and Beyond for Investor Relations

The Research

A Compelling Reason to Invest

Your Company’s Website

The News Release

Social Media

Final Thoughts

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