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news release optimization

News Release Optimization

The reason companies disseminate news releases are to get exposure for their Company, their products and services but for the most part, for micro cap companies, you want more investors!

We use best practices for writing news releases; we have written well over a thousand news releases for publicly traded companies over the last few years. There are techniques with writing news releases that are extremely important. When these techniques are followed consistently, you will get more readers of your news release, more website visitors and more prospective shareholders will know about your Company and visit your website. These techniques are the same for increasing sales of your products/services.


The objective of a news release is syndication in as many places as possible; both on the Internet and in print media. The theory being, the more eyes on your news release, the more likely you are to get visitors to your website, customers and clients for your products and services and yes… shareholders for your stock.

The reason we think optimizing news releases for syndication and for building authority of your company’s website is important is because many more people are using Google and other search engines to do “due diligence” on items and services they want to purchase.

Investors are using Google, and other search engines and social media platforms increasingly to find investment opportunities. If they are doing a search through Google or some other search engine and a lot of your news releases show up for the terms they are searching for, then they are more likely to read the news and visit your website. And, because you will have a great Investor Page, they will find a COMPELLING REASON TO INVEST!

Most micro cap companies get poor syndication and distribution because the writers and management are not aware of the tools available and the parameters (the secret) for getting maximum syndication.

A good news release will:

  • Inform Investors
  • Bring in New Investors

But that is not all… good news releases can also:

  • More website visitors
  • Build website authority (higher search engine rank)
  • More Customers and Clients
  • Get your company written about by the media across the Internet and in print publications

With our program, you will learn:

  • Optimum Length for Syndication, Headline length, and sub headline length
  • Hyperlinking Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization and Building Authority of Your Website, getting more visitors and MORE prospective investors
  • Keyword and Search Term Strategy
  • Avoid Gobbledygook words and phrases
  • More Ways to Distribute Your News…

There is much more to news releases than most people realize. We can help you to get the maximum benefit out of your releases…

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